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In game “Video Poker” the player plays against a computer. After definition by the player of the size of the rate (from 1 up to 5 coins) to him 5 cards surrender. The player can exchange one or several cards or to leave a dropped out combination. The exchange is made completely free-of-charge. The purpose of the player is to collect an advantageous combination. …..

Wheel of Fortune

Wheel Of Fortune is one of the most popular world casino games. The wheel itself is 2m high and standing vertical. The wheel ring is marked by 54 slots, and turning wheel can potentially stop in any position. There are 24 slots of $1 mark, 15 slots of $2, 7 slots of $5, 4 slots of $10, 2 slots of $20, 1 slot of Joker and 1 Fortune logotype slot. …..


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Three-Card-Monty – traditional students game. You can play “Three-Card-Monty” without registration in our casino. You must have the WebMoney Transfer account only.

The size of bet – as much as You wish! If You’ll select winning card – Ace – payout will be in 1:3 relation. If You bet 0.1 WMZ, You’ll win 0.3 WMZ. If You bet 1 WMZ, You’ll win 3 WMZ. If You bet 10 WMZ, You’ll win 30 WMZ.

To place bet, please, load a game, by selection in the games menu, then choose right bet size …..

Super Matches

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Rules of the Super-Matches instant game. Super-Matches is a traditional game of youth. You can play even without registration in our Casino. You must have account in the WebMoney Transfer system to start game.

You can select bet size yourself. You can win 4xYour bet. If Your bet is 0.1 WMZ, You can win 0.4 WMZ. If Your bet is 10 WMZ, You can win 40 WMZ. To place bet You must load the game from the games menu button, and select desired bet size …..

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