US Friendly Online Casino

What Us Online Casino Is The Best To Play At ?

Deciding which Us Online Casino is the Best one to play at will be up to the individual to decide. Reading the reviews on the different casinos will provide information on them. These reviews will explain about the different type of games, the payouts , and the promotions, as well as the bonuses. The Best way to know if a casino is the Best one for you, is to make an account and play some of the games. One other way to know what is the Best casino, is to take a look at their ratings. These ratings are made by other people who have played at the casinos and have taken the time to rate the casino, so that other people who are looking for the Best casino, will know what ones are rated the highest.

What Are The Payouts At Us Online Casino ?

Online Casino payouts can very from casino to casino, however: Payouts can rage between 93 percent and 96 percent. The higher the payout percentage the better the odds will be of an individual winning. So when looking for a online casino to play at, take a look at what their payout percentage are, to figure out what the odds of winning will be.

Are There Ever Any Holiday Specials At Us Online Casino ?

Yes, during the holidays most casinos will have bonuses and promotions for each holiday. Some casinos even have a few holiday themed slot machines, and tournaments. These specials are a lot of fun and add more spice and excitement to their games. Everyone is in the holiday spirit and it shows when they host these events.

Can I Play All Of The Games At Us Online Casino without downloading the software?

Yes, there is the instant play option that allows an individual to play the slot machine games without downloading the software. However, unless an individual book marks the casino site, it may be hard finding the same casino once you have left it. The Best way to continue playing a online casino that you have enjoyed and want to return to, is to install the software.

Will I Get My Credits Back If There Is a Issue With One Of The Slot Machines At Us Online Casino ?

Yes, if a slot machine malfunctions while you are in the middle of a spin, all of your credits are returned and normally the game will be start from the last spin you had made. So if you were using the bonus spins and the game malfunctioned, you would not loose the free spins, or any credits won.

How Many Times Can I Use The Same Promotion at Us Online Casino ?

Normally a promotion can only be used one time. The casinos offer many different types of promotions, so there is no reason to keep using the same one. Promotions are made so that players get free casino money deposited into their accounts, and bonuses for every time the make a deposit. With all of the bonuses and promotions that a casino offers, using the same promotion more than once would not make any since at all.

Top US Friendly Online Casinos

Top US Friendly Online Casinos are internet based versions of the traditions casinos, they are sometimes referred to internet casinos and this allow gamblers to gamble at the comfort of their homes.

How Do Top US Friendly Online Casinos Operate?

There are two major ways in which Top US Friendly Online Casinos present their games to their clients, this can be through download-based and web-based application. Some casinos online may have one or both platforms for their customers. Web based casinos can also be referred as flash casinos, This platform is usually a websites which permits customers to play the games online. Macromedia flash, Java or shockwave software’s are some of the plugins that enable game play on ones browser and therefore in order to play games on the web ones browsers need to be compatible with the above mentioned plugins. To enable loading of all sounds, animations and graphics need bandwidth. Download based casinos normally require the player to download client software offered by the casino in order to play their games.

The software handles contact with the casino service provider without the support of a web browser, this type of casinos often run faster than web based platform since sound programs and graphics are cached by the client softwareand not loaded from the internet. The limitations of this type of online casino is that initial down load and takes time and the program downloaded may pose a risk of containing malware

What Should Be Considered When Choosing Top US Friendly Online Casinos?

The task of selecting a casino from the many reputed Top US Friendly Online Casinos can be daunting. but to simplify this what you should be put into consideration; payouts and bonuses offered, the casinos payment methods, the type of games offered, customer support and reputation.

What Rules And Regulations Govern Top US Friendly Online Casinos?

The rules and regulations governing conduct of Top US Friendly Online Casinos varies differently according to there areas of operation, this is due to the rapid developments of the technology which support the industry. There are nations such as Finland, Norway and North America which don’t give permits to foreign gambling house operators due to their gambling monopoly rules and regulations, only providers registered on the nation can be considered as lawful. Casino players in these nations can bet on any website and cannot be penalized for that, foreign providers of gambling houses cannot be charged too by the law but their websites can be closed down in case of any arising lawful conflicts. In the America the validity of internet gambling houses differs on the different States. An act passed in 2006 only prohibited payment processing bodies such as Amex and banks from doing business any business with any illegal gambling house website as predetermined under the government law and regulations.

The DOJ launched a declaration in 2011 that clarified that the Federal Cable Act which prohibited all forms of internet gambling saying it only applied to websites gambling on sports and did not affect lotto websites, internet gambling houses and also poker. This therefore left the matter of validity of internet gambling houses to be set by each state.

What Games Can Be Played On Top US Friendly Online Casinos?

Since Top US Friendly Online Casinos are a virtual version of traditional casinos, most or all of the games that can be enjoyed on the latter casinos can be played on online too. The games offered are also dependent of the platform with which the casino operator offers his games, this can be either web or download based. Many casino operators offer some or all of the following games; roulette, blackjack, craps, baccarat, bingo, sic bo, poker, slot machines and Keno among others