Top 50 Online Casinos

What Are The Top 50 Online Casinos This Year?

Which Are The Four Top Live Dealer Casino Online USAs?

Top Live Dealer Casino Online USAs are played by various people from different countries who gamble online in order to acquire some money in their country’s currency.For example, US players cash and deposit their money in dollars.The Top 50 Online Casinoss listed this year are; Jackpot City, Platinum Play, Spice Palace and Gaming Club casinos.

What Is Jackpot City Online Casino All About?

Jackpot City online casino has been listed as one of the Top Live Dealer Casino Online USAs due to its great features. This online gambling site has very good promotions and it also uses a popular software package called the microgaming software package.This software package has over 400 games that can be downloaded and over 200 games that can be found when browsing the internet.The sound and the graphics do not hang when many people are playing online. With this package one can also save their history of play for future review of their achievements or loses. It is also one of the oldest casinos that has a good reputation of a paying rate of 97 percent.The first bonus deposit one can get is 200 dollars which is 100 percent. Fortunately, the second bonus is also 100 percent but at 300 dollars. This means that in order to receive a total bonus of 500 dollars you need to acquire 25000 dollars as a wager.The support staff is also available for 24 hours.

What qualifies Platinum Play as Second In The Top Live Dealer Casino Online USAs?

Platinum Play comes second in the Top Live Dealer Casino Online USAs because of its great features. It has more than 400 games and it gives way to promotions internationally. The bonuses are good such that 1500 bets can go for a day and what is earned more is for your pocket. A 200 dollar onus is also given to players so long as an initial deposit has been made. New accounts can claim their benefits if they deposit 20 dollars. Platinum play also uses the microgaming software which allows customization of the interface for your own comfort.

What Makes Spice Palace Qualify Third In The List Of Top Live Dealer Casino Online USAs?

Spice Palace qualifies in the third place in the Top Live Dealer Casino Online USAs because it is secure and it also has large jackpots. This online gambling site offers 1000 dollars free bonus after you register a money account. One can also claim 150 dollars after the initial deposit.The players accounts are dived so that they can withdraw their bonuses any time. This online casino also uses the microgaming package software which has good features in the above mentioned games.

Which Casino Is Fourth In The US Internet Casinos?

The Gaming Club Casino comes fourth in the Top Live Dealer Casino Online USAs due to its generous loyal schemes. It has over 350 games which poses good sound effects and good graphics. The security is 100 percent and it also has multilayer tournaments. A bonus of 30 free spins is given to new players which is non refundable. Once a deposit has been made one can claim a bonus of 100 dollars which can be withdrawn when you attain a wager of 50 times the amount.It also uses the microgaming software.

Top 50 Online Casinos

Want To Learn About Top 50 Online Casinos?

Want an introduction to Top 50 Online Casinos?

Well,here is an introduction to the Top 50 Online Casinos.Online casinos for the US players look alike with physical casinos,the only difference only is presence.Tangibility is not guranteeed in the online casinos but for the physical it is just guranteed.

Do Top 50 Online Casinos have an origin?

Yes,and definately Top 50 Online Casinos have an origin.They first came to being in the year 1994 in Barbuda and Antigua,a nation that was Caribean.This was made possible because the bill of Free Trade and Processing Act had been passed.A commission for gambling called Kahnawake was set up to ensure transparent dealings of the very online gambling.Most online casinos obtain licensing from this commission.

Have Top 50 Online Casinos ever had legal tussles?

Yes, Top 50 Online Casinos have had legal tussles.The small country of Barbuda and Antigua made a complain that USA had refused to allow online gambling in the USA.It reported this to World Trade Organization.The ruling in the year 2005 was in favor of Antigua and Barbuda but the USA did nothing about this.In the year 2007,Antigua and Barbuda demanded for a compensation because USA had not honoured the order and was paid $3.4 billion.

Money laundering have made fields for legal tussles too.These casinos have been implicated in the very schemes in that they behave like laundering firms by transferring unsupervised funds electronically.This is the reason that the USA has been inflexible on providing a ground of trade that is free for Online casinos for players.Fortunately enough the US is warming up for the growth of these online casinos with states like Delaware and Nevada passing laws that legalizes the existance of these casinos.Eventhough the situations are a bit tough,there are indications that the US will finally fully allow for the growth of these casinos

What are the advantages of Top 50 Online Casinos?

The advantages of Top 50 Online Casinos are well stated here:They provide secure and safe transactions for the person who emerges the winner of the gamble.While online,you are safe too and so you do not have the fear of being robbed of your gambled money.The other advantage is that you can gamble in the comfort of wherever you are.There is no need to burn fuel as you go to the traditional gamble zone.Other advantages are;players do not have problems with cash deposits and they have numerous slot machines that will not require you to queue for your slot.

Are There disadvantages associated with Top 50 Online Casinos?

Yes,there are disadvantages associated with Top 50 Online Casinos like this;when the gambling becomes an addiction to someone,he/she could go bankrupt if he does not win consecutive games for some good length of time.It may strain relationships too because one could neglect his/her partner and concentrate on the activity too much.

What is it to look for in the Top 50 Online Casinos?

Look for the following in the Top 50 Online Casinos;ensure that they have a reliable customer service,see how fast they reply to live chats and emails and you could visit too the sites that have reviewed them so that you learn more about them.