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What is good about Cool Banana Slot Games in Casinos Online USA?

In today’s Casinos Online USA, Cool Bananas Slots are very exciting games that happen to have around five reels. The game also has 25 pay lines. A cool game slot is a game that involves players where they enjoy the action of the game since the game is packed with lots of adventures. The most interesting thing about this game is that you as a player you can be able to earn real money and sometime you can be able to earn obtain free spins. The game tends to be very involving with auto play function. This slot also has a pay table together with some pretty and cool graphics. Players of this game tend to notice series of cards which ranges from 9 through ace. Other symbols that are used in this game include sunglasses. Other symbols include new yolk city skyline together with ice cream. Furthermore we have mighty monkey symbols in this game.

The game has very exciting bonuses which are represented with two main symbols such as wild and scatter symbols together with other special features. One interesting thing a out this game is that you can play for both fun or you can also play in order to obtain real money.

What are the choices of players playing this game in Casinos Online USA?

Player who are using Cool Banana slot have a choice where they can choice to play with any betting amount which ranges from as low as 0.01 dollars to as high as much as 10 dollars in Casinos Online USA. This betting amount is usually deposited in your account before making any spin. The game tends to accept a coin for every 25 pay lines. For those who are experience gambler in Cool Banana slots games one can earn as much as 50,000 dollars. Very unique symbol in this game is a powerful monkey but the main symbol which is being used in many games is unwrapped banana together with a nice lady.

What about Grill Thrills Slots in Casinos Online USA?

One of the Best slots with lots of fun in Casinos Online USA is Grill Thrills. Grill Thrills is a food themed game that is based on bonus. It is a video game with a maximum of 20 pay lines. The game basically involves food which is being prepared. Some of the unique symbols that are used in grill thrills games are the wild symbols together with scatter symbols. Another symbol in use is the burger symbol which tends to yield a very high payout. For example when you get approximate three burgers symbols for every pay line you can earn as much as 2500 dollars. Some of the bonus available is the cash kebab bonus round which you can obtain by getting three bonus symbols.

What is additional information about this slots game in Casinos Online USA?

Grill Thrills slots has 5 reels and maximum jackpot which provide a total of 39 winning combinations when playing in Casinos Online USA. The coin sizes that are accepted in this game ranges between 0.05 to 10 dollars and the rule of the game allows you to bet for up to 20 coins for a single spin. In case you happen to win more bonuses your wining amount can be multiplied significantly since the game has a constant multiplier. The game is available in many casinos but you can also find it online. For online users what is needed is one to have an account that you will be using to deposit the betting amount.

Do you need to download this game in order to play in Casinos Online USA?

After this you need to download unique software that will support grill thrills games since you can play the game in Casinos Online USA if you have the software. The software is available free of charge hence you cannot be charged even a coin. After you have downloaded this software and opened an account you need to deposit some money that you will be using as you play this game. This amount is called betting amount which you can lose in case you fail to win the game.