Online Keno For US Players

Online Keno For US Players

With its origins in ancient China, Keno is a game much like bingo in the way that it is a lottery-based game. The game itself consists of a glass enclosure in which are placed 80 balls, all numbered from 1 to 80. The players bet on which numbers or balls will come out in the balldraw. Players can choose up to 15 numbers among the 80, and the player or players with the most matches wins. The payout or prize depends on how many numbers matched correctly.

In the online world, USA online casinos use random number generators to make sure that the result of the balldraw is random. Other than this technical difference, the game is much like the real-world Keno. The first step of playing Keno is to choose your numbers. Because this is a game of chance, there is no method to be used in picking a number – any number is as likely as the next. In online keno, you can even use the randomizer to select your choice of numbers. For each number you pick, you can place a bet of value $1 to $5. A single matched number is called a “hit”, and the amount you win depends on the total amount you bet on your numbers. Though possible, jackpots are quite rare in Keno – this is because they are rewarded only when all 15 number match and the probability of that is quite less.

Though a game of chance, you can take steps to improve your probability of winning. For example, it is advisable to play all 15 numbers – each additional number increases the chance of a hit. But the drawback of playing more numbers is that each additional number chosen reduces the payout – because the payouts are inversely proportional to how many numbers you are playing. Picking only three winning numbers has a payout of 100%, but picking 4 winning numbers from a total of 10 picks will get you a payout of only 40%. As a rookie, you should play on fewer numbers. But as an aggressive player, you are better of playing more numbers and betting more on each number.

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