Live Dealer Roulette

Live Dealer Roulette

First devised in the 18th century France, Roulette’s name is derived from a French word meaning “little wheel” in French. The game itself consists of a wheel that has numbers written along its circumference, and a ball that is spun along with the wheel. The goal of the game is to predict the number where the ball lands – which decides the winning number of any round. Apart from betting on a single number, players can also bet on a range of numbers. As a game of chance, this is a perfect game for both the beginner players as well as the experienced players. The game is only as difficult as the type of bets you make in it – if you make bets that are unlikely, tough game; on the other hand, if you make better bets, your chances of winning increase.

Live dealer roulette comes in two common variations: European and American. In European Roulette, the wheel has 37 slots, whereas in the American version of Roulette, the wheel has 38 slots. The extra slot or pocket in American type of Roulette is green colored and marked 00. Because of one fewer slot the chances of winning in European Roulette are marginally higher than in American Roulette.

Players bet at the start of the game, and are allowed to bet any amount of money as long as they remain within the minimum and the maximum allowed for their table. Apart from the fundamental bet of which number the ball would land on, they can place other types of bets too. For example, they can bet that that the ball lands on a row of numbers; or that it may land on or between a spread of numbers. These different types of bets are what make Roulette interesting, and different bets can be used to play with high odds or to play safe.

Live dealer roulette is a game of pure chance, so there is no methodological way of increasing your chances of winning. But you can surely place better bets to decrease your odds of losing. Some casinos or tables have a surrender option that allows you to take half your bets if the balls lands on 0 or 00 when you are betting on even-odds. Using this option can reduce some of your losses. You should check with the house that they do allow this option, because not all of them do.

There are also some betting systems that require a player to double their bets if they lose a specific number of times, but these strategies require a big bankroll to be implemented, and unless you have them, you are advised to avoid them.

Once you know the odds of the type of bet you are playing, you should expect nothing but chance to decide whether you win or lose. And, as many people have found over the last three centuries, that can be addicting enough.

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